the Earthkeepers Experience

Nature’s Hallmark of Change.

In short:
EARTHKEEPERS is Nature’s Hallmark for the human species living true to their nature as benefactors to enrich the earth! A corporation of initiated leaders of change who embody their true expression as a divine instrument in the symphony of nature. 

The long version:
Earthkeepers is a call from the earth, calling us back into alignment with her, the source of creation, in the vibration of love that directs us towards a wholesome society. As a human species, we came here to become a beautiful addition to nature by being the divine instruments we are ready to be. To enhance nature with the sacredness that resides within us all.

We are here to help us remember our true role on earth. The life purpose that brings us closer and closer to the essence of our being (here). Embracing the (often forgotten) big picture view, the common vision of life on earth, and where it can lead us. 

Can you imagine a world where everyone comes to terms with their true essential contribution to the Earth? That means a world in which we can not have an initiative or run a business without being part of the self-preservation of the earth. That seems like a big step, but it’s actually the most natural thing we can do and be. Nature by itself will always find the best way to thrive, so there is no better symphony to attune yourself to. This is how natural life unfolds by itself, all we have to do is align with that nature. 

The world needs frontrunners, people who are willing to be a leading example of change. People who feel they have the ability and who appreciate the importance of taking care of our planet and take care of what sustains our life: nature. How can we experience the Earth as our common home? What steps can we take towards positive change, in ourselves, in our daily lives, our families as a contribution to earth? Join the tribe, be the change!

Join the Earthkeepers cooperation by becoming a fully embodied Earthkeeper.

Do you choose to be a co-creative instrument of change? 

Step into the Earthkeepers Experience with us.


Strengthen Your Relationship With Yourself, Nature, Spirit and Others as One.


The Earthkeepers Experience – three journeys

When you start to realise there is no competition at all, and we are all collaborating in the beautiful play of life, you got it, you found your true expression!

Every two weeks, we organise an evening to attune to and play in symphony of nature.

One tribe, one week and a deep initiation into your true calling as the instrument you are.

Transform our society by playing your instrument in the world that we create today.



As Earthkeepers we see the Earth, Art and our Heart as one expression of energy, love connected. 

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