Come out and play your part in the Symphony of Nature



Together we are the genesis of the new earth



We are an Art Exploration platform for people who want to live a natural creative life filled with purpose and meaning.

Along the way we serve as a nature intelligence learning platform

– As an experiential learning platform, we help  startups build a strong relationship with the earth. 

– As a collective Soul family, we help each other excel in our unique play in existence. We stand together to protect and engage in humanities common vision that is tuned to the rhythm of the earth. 

You can join our art exploration by partaking in one of our events:


Let the art of nature infuse you with her dance of smashing beauty and mystery. Revealing the unforeseen secrets that hide within the depth of our primal nature.
We create experiences – Using your body as a creative instrument in the Symphony of life?
– The experience of balance between the masculine and feminine pulse within?
– The embodiment of the art of living in harmony with nature?
Then sign up for the Earthkeepers playground outdoor experience.


Become part of a work of art in the making involving you.This is a one of a kind training program.

Imagine creating a life for yourself by only following what comes naturally to you.
From where you attract a soul family of people who support each other in their basic needs. Providing the safety from where you can dedicate yourself to your soul mission at all time. 

If this lights you up, then…  

Earth is where the heart is


When we open our eyes to the beauty all around us, we soon see that there is a rhythm to life, a grand symphony. And when we tune to that, our lives play out in such a way that everything returns to harmony and balance. So the more people tune to this symphony, the more beautiful our world becomes.

This is a very simple truth that is most accessible when we embrace all life as a work of art. In which we stay with the essential and naturally be ourselves. And that's enough.

"Together with nature, we are the symphony of life that we dance too."



The Earthkeepers platform is nature’s invitation to return to Beauty.

Once we embrace the beauty of life, and partake in this beauty, we are living our true nature. And this can remind each and everyone of who we truly are as an individual as part of a social species.

We are here to help us remember who we are as a key to be present in our true roles on this planet.

To access this remembering in the most simple and organic way,
We create unforgettable passive and active nature art experiences,
that invite you to partake in beauty,
that instil you with spirit, 
and connect you with source.


“Together we take on a creative revolution! Rebirthing our society from a consumer marketplace into a healthy playground for thriving creators of beauty, all playing their instrument and dancing together in the symphony of nature.”

Maurice Spees – Founder & Ambassador