Play your part in nature’s symphony



Align, Awaken, and Prosper in Harmony with Nature

Your Symphony of Transformation


Align your inner rhythm with Earth’s heartbeat, creating ripples of harmony across all realms.


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At Earthkeepers, we believe each of us is a unique instrument in Nature’s grand symphony, endowed with a distinct note to play.

Our Earthkeeper Initiation Program is a 90-day transformative journey designed to help you ‘Tune In’ to your unique inner calling, ‘Align’ your actions with your purpose, and ‘Thrive’ within a community vibrating in unity with the Earth.

“Each of us possesses a creative gift, granted at birth, that yearns to enrich the world.
When this gift matures, our life becomes a Sacred journey.”


Discover how to share your unique gifts for the greater good,

as you step into a role that transcends boundaries

and cultivates a life in seamless harmony with nature.

Connect deeply with the beauty of our planet and discover your unique role as a guardian of Earth —a steward of this amazing living world.

Isn’t it time to fine-tune your unique note in life’s grand orchestration?

Unveil Your Earthkeeper Essence

and awaken your innate purpose as a guardian of this intelligent, living world.

Are you ready to step into a life filled with harmony and purpose?

Our Earthkeepers journey stands on Four Musical Movements

1. Heart-Centered Power:

Tune into Your Heart

Reignite the power and love within your heart, making it the source of your creative and spiritual essence.

2. Earth Connection:

Harmonise with Earth’s Rhythms

Reestablish your sacred bond with Earth’s Divine intelligence, becoming one with its natural flow.

3. Cosmic Harmony:

Synchronise with Universal Melodies

Align with the cosmic laws that govern all of existence, letting your life unfold in perfect harmony.

4. Prosperity Unleashed:

Conduct Your Prosperous Life

Live your truth to unleash a wave of prosperity that enriches your life and the world around you.

Golden Frequency: Signature Tone in Earth’s Symphony

This unique tone is your soul’s perfect resonance, harmoniously aligned with Earth’s wisdom and self-healing mechanisms. By attuning yourself to this Golden Frequency, you become a vibrant, irreplaceable note in the grand orchestration of life, contributing to global harmony and enriching your own existence.

Become a Pioneer in Our New Symphony of Living

Join us for transformative experiences and enlightening journeys that aim to cultivate a new culture. It’s a collective effort to live in harmony with Earth, where modern-day Earthkeepers find their like-minded community.

Your unique essence—your signature frequency—is an invaluable part of this new symphony that Nature itself is inviting us to compose.

Are you ready to fully engage, making a harmonious impact that goes beyond your individual life and serves as a legacy for generations to come?

In collaboration with Intunity, we share a broader vision for societal transformation. We are laying the groundwork for a new, harmonious paradigm based on synarchy, where cooperation replaces governance and community replaces domination.

Are You Ready to Contribute to this Unprecedented Movement?

A Symphony of Life: A Message from Maurice Spees

“My lifelong quest has always been to rekindle our sacred bond with the Earth. As a visual artist and voice alchemist, I’ve had the privilege to experience the Earth’s awe-inspiring beauty. For me every landscape is like a melody, every sound a harmony in the greater Symphony of Nature. This has shaped my work in visual medicine and sound alchemy. I’ve come to realise that life becomes elegantly simple when viewed as a symphony, where each of us vibrates our unique songs of life.

The Earthkeepers community is the embodiment of a heartfelt calling—a calling to activate the Earthkeeper within each one of us. For I believe our essence sounds like music and we are all musicians in this magnificent symphony, destined to contribute our unique notes to the harmony of existence on this planet.

We are a collective, a harmonious orchestra of souls, resonating with the wisdom of nature and the interconnectedness of all life. It is my highest honour to share in this symphonic journey with you, as we strive for a world tuned to the frequencies of love and unity.

In gratitude and with great excitement, I invite you to join us on this transformative journey—fine-tuning our lives, and becoming the guardians we were meant to be, aligned with the Earth’s sacred rhythm.”


In love we unite,

Maurice Spees


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Your Encore: Unlock Your Potential with Earthkeepers

Join our 90-day Initiation Program to align your actions with impactful, earth-friendly practices. Tap into a community that believes in making a meaningful difference.

Ready to Play Your Part?

Your unique role is vital in a world that urgently needs harmonious action. Discover how you can be part of a solution that’s bigger than yourself.


Unlock the door to Nature’s Symphony



A 90-Day tailored Earthkeeper Initiation Journey



Step into ‘Into the Alchemy of Love,’ a 90-day odyssey
to fine-tune your unique ‘Golden Frequency*.’

In collaboration with Intunity,
we guide you through four transformative movements that harmonise with Earth’s Symphony:



Observing the Beauty:
Cultivate Mental Clarity to see your essence reflected in the world.



Attuning to the Beauty:
Align emotional intelligence with your true essence.



Embodying the Instrument:
Transform into a sustainable vessel of well-being.



Playing the Instrument:
Harmonise with cosmic and Earthly forces.

And manifest your divine essence in nature’s grand symphony.

Our Next Initiation program start in February 2024



Join our 90-Day Earthkeeper Journey to deepen your Earth connection and unlock your unique gifts.

Your Tailor-Made INITIATION Program:
A Co-Creative Journey

Upon completing your Earthkeeper initiation, you don’t just become a participant—you evolve into a co-creator, contributing your unique gifts and offerings to enrich our collective journey.

In this way, each INITIATION program becomes a tailored experience, continually reshaped by the Earthkeepers who already went through the initiation. 

Unleash Your Golden Frequency

Our program is specifically designed to amplify your unique “Golden Frequency,” allowing you to play your soulful note in the grand symphony we are co-creating.

Become an Earthkeeper Ambassador:
Amplify Your Impact

Are you ready to contribute your unique gifts to the Earth and humanity?
Do you feel called to embody your “Golden Frequency” and inspire others to do the same?

As an Earthkeeper Ambassador, you’ll not only be attuned to nature but will also become a beacon for Earth-intelligent living, each with the potential to influence our world in significant ways. Your unique contributions could even shape future INITIATION programs, leaving a lasting legacy on Earthkeepers’ collective mission.

Your Transformation:
A Ripple Effect in Your Professional World

By embarking on a journey of personal transformation and aligning our inner rhythms with the greater symphony of life, we organically set the stage for a revolutionary change in our businesses and ventures.

This isn’t about forcefully steering the company in a new direction; it’s about allowing a naturally aligned path to unveil itself, one that reflects our newly fine-tuned selves.

When we are in harmony within, our businesses will effortlessly flow in that same harmony, contributing to the well-being of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Are You Ready to Take the Stage?

Your unique note awaits its moment in the grand Symphony of Nature. Take the first step by booking a Discovery Call with us today. Connect, explore, and let’s co-create a harmonious world.

Living and Working in Tune with Nature

At Earthkeepers, we are part of a movement inspired by and aligned with the Symphony of Nature. Our goal is to enable a natural way of living, where our energies are invested in restoring and reviving the innate beauty of life. Being caretakers of our planet naturally follows from this ethos.

The Earthkeepers Tribe: A Global Community

This website is dedicated to uniting Earthkeepers around the world—our tribe. We believe in the power of collective action; only together can we shape the world into a more harmonious place that complements nature itself.

The Earthkeepers Experience: Inner Transformation

Change begins within. That’s why we offer the Earthkeepers Experience, a program designed to guide you toward becoming your purest, most natural self. When we live in this state, stewarding the Earth and its resources becomes second nature.

The Earthkeepers Legacy: Pioneering a New Way

By reaching individuals with our calling, we are cultivating a continually growing Earthkeepers Legacy. We aim to revolutionize how we live and conduct business, creating a world where a healthy connection with Earth is non-negotiable. The Legacy offers pioneering individuals the support and resources needed to serve as living examples, thereby paving the way for others to follow suit.

The Earthkeepers Experience: Inner Transformation

Change begins within. That’s why we offer the Earthkeepers Experience, a program designed to guide you toward becoming your purest, most natural self. When we live in this state, stewarding the Earth and its resources becomes second nature.

Are You Ready to Join Us?

If the term "Earthkeepers" resonates with you, take it as a sign that you’re ready to embrace your unique role in this world. We invite you to experience the Earthkeepers Program to attune yourself and become part of a legacy that will illuminate the world.

Let's elevate our world from its primal state to its most sublime nature.

This is the essence of our being here.

Our Guiding Principle

"Each of us possesses a creative gift, granted at birth, that yearns to enrich the world. When this gift matures, our life becomes a sacred journey."

Discover Your Golden Frequency: Your Unique Contribution

Unlock the essence of your unique contribution to the world. Your Golden Frequency is your signature note in the Symphony of Nature. By attuning to this personal vibrational signature, you effortlessly align your life choices and actions with the Earthkeepers Legacy, amplifying our collective impact.

Ready to discover your Golden Frequency?


In concert with

Our Symphonic Collaborations: Featuring Intunity

Earthkeepers is thrilled to partner with Intunity, a brainchild of our founder, Maurice Spees.
This collaboration highlights the transformative power of our Earthkeeper Ambassador Program and INITIATION journey. Maurice’s creation of Intunity showcases how individual growth can inspire ventures that serve our collective mission. Together, we’re amplifying our impact, proving that each Earthkeeper’s journey enhances our collective effort towards Earth stewardship and conscious living.

Become our next Ambassador today.