Building a strong relationship with our inner and outer biosphere as one



Welcome to the Earthkeepers project

Earthkeepers is a call from the earth, calling us back into alignment with her, to embody the gifts we have been given so that we become part of the gift of life on earth. Can you feel it?

Together we celebrate the art of being one with nature and the earth. And in this celebration, we can thrive together with nature, and all her gifts will enhance our own gifts back to the earth as one being.


Do you feel drawn or called to the Earthkeepers? Do you resonate to this universal calling, to fully step in your true human life purpose, being part of nature and the earth? This platform is built specially for you! To make sure you can dedicate your time in loving support to bring out your true essence as part of the whole.

Can you imagine a world where everyone comes to terms with their true essential contribution to the Earth?

Before we can co-create such a world, we need frontrunners. The world needs inspiration! People that are ready to fully step in their gift as the leading example of change. People who show the importance of our true role in nature and on this planet. And how we can experience the Earth as our common avatar, which we all embody.

The Earthkeepers project aims to help to transform people’s lives. Starting with the individual who is ready to make an impact in many people’s lives. By being part o building a world that becomes an addition, instead of a replacement of nature. Teachers, trainers, coaches, architects and other artists. But also creative people working for companies, business owners, and their employees, sustainable product lines and the creative teams behind them. All forming together a tribe of people, dedicated to bringing together the nurturing, support and resources for each and every one that can bring out their gift. To stand up together and make our connection and relationship to our beautiful planet Earth one of the most crucial factors in our lives.

We are all in this life together, and only together we can make a true impact that influences us all. This platform opens up the invitation to become part of a global tribe of recognised Earthkeepers, who learned to work in co-creation with the Earth’s intelligence, and live in communion with nature where ever they are.

Visionary Founder Maurice Spees (Earth’s Messenger) travels around the world to spread the ever-expanding Earthkeepers message. To inspire each and every in-divi-dual to fully step into their contribution as caretakers of the planet. Currently, he is growing the core team of the Earthkeepers platform, bringing together the Sacred Servants of the Earth.

We are currently working to implement and ground the entire vision on this website and this work takes time, so please stay posted.

More info about the project and these areas will be shared in readings and upcoming online webinars.

If you feel invited to dive deeper into this initiative, feel free to contact Maurice directly. tel: +31 613393655

Elevating our connection to primal nature.