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Let nature be your inspiration

Earthkeepers is a call from the earth, calling us back into alignment with her, the source of creation, the source of love that directs us towards a wholesome society. We are here to help you remember your true role on earth. The life purpose that brings us closer and closer to your essence. Embracing the often forgotten big picture view of life on earth, and where it can lead us.
Can you imagine a world where everyone comes to terms with their true essential contribution to the Earth? That means a world in which all the people behind today’s products and services are earthkeepers! That’s a big task, but certainly not impossible. This is how natural life unfolds by itself, all we have to do is align to that nature.
The world needs frontrunners, people who are willing to be a leading example of change. People who appreciate the importance of taking care of our planet and take care of what sustains our life: nature. How can we experience the Earth as our common home? What steps can we take towards positive change, in ourselves, in our daily lives, our families and at work? Join the tribe, be the change!

Join the Earthkeepers collective.
A collective of dedicated artists and facilitators who dedicate creativity to tune our daily lifestyle to the symphony that is nature.


Preserving our relation with the self, nature and the other as one.
Three Journeys

Together we elevate towards transforming our common choices for the betterment of the earth, earthkeepers provides a platform that invites and unites us to become aware that we are all working on the same thing. 

Every two weeks, we organise an evening to celebrate our connection with nature.

One tribe, one week, five elements and a deep dive into the heart of nature.

Start your own project, create a conscious business, and uplifts society.