THE EARTHKEEPERS foundation and platform

Fine-tune your personal and professional life to the symphony of nature

“Together we restore and replenish our connection and Sacred relationship with nature and through this with each other.”

Earthkeepers’ foundation is brought to life in a time that we can easily get lost in a digital environment and lose touch with what truly defines us as a human being. We are called by nature to offer events and medicine to help restore our Sacred relationship with the earth, our bodies, our environment, our food and each other as one. Living true to nature and our multidimensional nature to empower our group consciousness.

For who?
Earthkeepers is a calling-home for those that feel they have enough of playing on their own and giving their power away to things that do not serve us in becoming whole. People that are ready to restore their power and relationships to become a beautiful player in group-empowered consciousness. People that long to gather together and give each other the nurturing, support and resources to play our golden frequency.

With Earthkeepers platform we offer tailored initiation experiences for children and adults, to restore, embody and anchor their true nature for their life to come. 
Through embodiment work, voice, dance and a combination of personal and group sessions we help you remove all resistance to embodying our infinite and self-empowered nature, we call our golden frequency. So that you become your own medicine and as an instrument medicine for others. And by restoring ourselves we restore our collective field where we seed and birth a new world into being.

Earthkeepers is our calling to ground our spiritual journeys by living in symphony with nature, restoring our source connection to regain mental CLARITY, BEING CENTRED and ANCHORED in the PRESENT MOMENT.

“By singing and dancing in symphony with nature, we open the doorway to the divine in the most down-to-earth way. Where our true gifts are revealed and we meet each other in servitude to the giant play of life.”

As Earthkeepers

We embody the heart of the earth, the core of creation


Meet the founder / initiator

Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Founder | Artistic Director | facilitator | Ambassador

“As a visual artist I offer this experience as a window through which I have come to see life, as a symphony in her glory and riches, and now from the bottom of my heart I offer this window to you. Enjoy!”

Throughout my life I surrender to the feeling of being an instrument of something bigger than me, but I could never fathom that with my mind or personality in its struggle to belong. When I started to realise that the deep rooted connection with nature has helped me through practically struggle in life. I became aware that during my education I slowly lost touch with this feeling, which fused the dedication to change the entire education system, in which I obviously failed. But even while being a teacher, the only place I felt truly at home was in primal nature, in touch with the pure presence of spirit and not even a glimpse of this could be found back in the “education” world I was living. At the same time my at first introverted nature enveloped himself as a visual artist, from being a VJ to nature & culture photography and film.
This became my escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and it is truly a life saver. My way of communicating became through my art, where art and heart are intimately related. Because words can not capture the window through which i see and feel the world, the way Visual Art can.
This same window eventually made me confident enough to developed my voice as my own healing tool, and later as an instrument to help others get in touch with the same self-healing mechanism within them. 

During new year’s shift from 2015 to 2016 in Menorca, I was called by nature to drop everything I did as an artist filmmaker and photographer for the last two decades and found the Earthkeepers platform through which I can share my work. The morning after the logo was revealed to me within an instant. And it was clear to me that it is about art and our creative expression. Because that’s where my heart found oneself. Ever since then the narrative of the modern day Earthkeepers has been streaming through me, like a broadcast, and I have been sharing this narrative with other people over time. But now it feels complete enough and I feel I have embodied it enough to finally offer a program that helps initiate people into how this narrative has helped me thrive and blossom in life. And how I discovered that living in symphony with nature actually guides us to reveal and embody our golden frequency. Shedding all that it takes to let go off to get here. To eventually being integrated and self-empowered enough to serve in seeding and birthing a new world into being, together with all the loving people around me.

Life is delicious, filled with joy, and love is so juicy that it makes me remember why I wanted to be here!

Become an ambassador  EARTHKEEPERS foundation

Earthkeepers is a living art project, rooted in the Netherlands. As an ambassador of Earthkeepers foundation you support this living artwork the best way you can. This can be by offering your service, financially, through your art, dance, performance. Together will take time to feel if we are the right fit.

To learn more about how to become an ambassador or one of our facilitating artists in the Netherlands or globally, please feel free to contact us today.