THE EARTHKEEPERS foundation and platform

About Earthkeepers: Harmonising in Nature’s Grand Symphony

Reconnect, Embody, Empower

“In a world growing ever more detached from its natural roots, Earthkeepers provides a sanctuary where you can align your individual melody with the expansive tapestry of nature.
We each contribute our unique notes, enhancing the collective symphony of life.


Who We Welcome

Earthkeepers is a sanctuary for those desiring to step out of modern isolation and into a collective experience. Here, you’ll learn to resonate with your own “Golden Frequency,” joining a co-creative ensemble contributing to the Earth’s grand symphony.

How We Do It

We offer tailor-made INITIATION experiences for all ages. These journeys incorporate embodiment work, voice exercises, movement practices, powerful rituals and ceremonies, all designed to amplify your unique “Golden Frequency,” so you can serve as a resonant instrument in Earth’s ensemble.

Our Philosophy

Living in tune with nature, we gain clarity and presence, unearthing our true gifts. As Earthkeepers, we embody the core essence of creation and serve as resonant instruments, joining forces to create a harmonious ensemble within the most beautiful symphony of life on Earth. 

Living and Working in Tune with Nature

At Earthkeepers, we are part of a movement inspired by and aligned with the Symphony of Nature. Our goal is to enable a natural way of living, where our energies are invested in restoring and reviving the innate beauty of life. Being caretakers of our planet naturally follows from this ethos.

The Earthkeepers Tribe: A Global Community

This website is dedicated to uniting Earthkeepers around the world—our tribe. We believe in the power of collective action; only together can we shape the world into a more harmonious place that complements nature itself.

The Earthkeepers Experience: Inner Transformation

Change begins within. That’s why we offer the Earthkeepers Experience, a program designed to guide you toward becoming your purest, most natural self. When we live in this state, stewarding the Earth and its resources becomes second nature.

The Earthkeepers Legacy: Pioneering a New Way

By reaching individuals with our calling, we are cultivating a continually growing Earthkeepers Legacy. We aim to revolutionize how we live and conduct business, creating a world where a healthy connection with Earth is non-negotiable. The Legacy offers pioneering individuals the support and resources needed to serve as living examples, thereby paving the way for others to follow suit.

The Earthkeepers Experience: Inner Transformation

Change begins within. That’s why we offer the Earthkeepers Experience, a program designed to guide you toward becoming your purest, most natural self. When we live in this state, stewarding the Earth and its resources becomes second nature.

Are You Ready to Join Us?

If the term "Earthkeepers" resonates with you, take it as a sign that you’re ready to embrace your unique role in this world. We invite you to experience the Earthkeepers Program to attune yourself and become part of a legacy that will illuminate the world.

Let's elevate our world from its primal state to its most sublime nature.

This is the essence of our being here.

Our Guiding Principle

"Each of us possesses a creative gift, granted at birth, that yearns to enrich the world. When this gift matures, our life becomes a sacred journey."

Discover Your Golden Frequency: Your Unique Contribution

Unlock the essence of your unique contribution to the world. Your Golden Frequency is your signature note in the Symphony of Nature. By attuning to this personal vibrational signature, you effortlessly align your life choices and actions with the Earthkeepers Legacy, amplifying our collective impact.

Ready to discover your Golden Frequency?

Stichting Earthkeepers, A Global Dutch Foundation


KVK-nummer: 69649189

Established in 2016 in the Netherlands, Earthkeepers is a Dutch foundation inspired by a global calling. Our aim is to build worldwide communities that thrive in harmony with nature. Drawing upon the globetrotting spirit of our founders and enriched by our Dutch roots, our mission transcends geographical and cultural borders. We invite individuals from every corner of the world to join us in crafting a more balanced and sustainable future.

Whether you’re in the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world, you’re welcome to be part of our growing global network committed to Earth stewardship.

Welcome to Earthkeepers.

Meet the founders

Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Lead Facilitator | Visionary Founder

Maurice Spees: Founder | Shamanic Voice Alchemist and Visual Artist

Maurice Spees is the creative force driving the Earthkeepers movement. Blending his talents in visual artistry, facilitating deep-dive primal nature explorations and voice alchemy, Maurice curates transformative experiences deeply inspired by his love for nature. He serves as a guide on your personal journey toward self-discovery, encouraging you to realise and embrace your unique role in harmonising with Earth’s natural symphony.

The Calling That Sparked Our Movement

Visit Maurice’s artist site:

Kasia Patzelt, Ambassador of Earthkeepers and Embodiment and Integration Coach

Kasia Patzelt brings an enriching blend of 18 years of expertise in bodywork, breathwork, and meditation to the movement. Specializing in helping individuals release tension, stress, emotional blockages, and trauma, Kasia guides you toward achieving a harmonious state of balance and well-being. Her work perfectly aligns with the Earthkeepers’ mission, advocating for a life lived in tune with the Symphony of Nature, where physical and emotional healing sets the stage for becoming a devoted steward of the Earth.

Visit Kasia’s site:

Kasia Patzelt

Kasia Patzelt

Embodiment Coach & Breathwork trainer

Key Objectives


- Reignite Sacred Bonds:

Facilitate personal and communal connection with Earth’s Divine intelligence.

- Personal Transformation:

Help individuals discover their unique ‘Golden Frequency’ and align their life accordingly.

- Global Harmony:

Cultivate a community that contributes to the global symphony of Earth-friendly living.

- Earth-Intelligent Learning:

Establish Earthkeepers as a hub for resources, experiences, and knowledge that foster Earth-intelligent living.


The Divine Encounter That Ignited Earthkeepers foundation.


Since childhood, Maurice Spees has been deeply connected to the natural world, especially drawn to birds of prey, with the hawk as his guiding spirit animal. These noble creatures have not only been his guardians but also messengers, delivering profound insights that have illuminated his path.

The genesis of Earthkeepers was marked by an extraordinary event on New Year’s Eve 2016, in Menorca. In a moment that felt like a scene from a dream, four eagles made a beeline for Maurice’s car, one daringly close to entering through the window. This was no ordinary encounter; it was a powerful sign, igniting the spark for Earthkeepers. Reflecting on this experience in meditation later that night, Maurice was embraced by the silent whisper of “Earthkeepers,” and with it, a clear vision of the logo—a symbol that would come to embody our movement—emerged. This profound interaction was a divine calling to guardianship, a mandate Maurice was destined to fulfill.

This encounter, so deeply etched in synchronicity and symbolism, stands as the foundation of our organisation. It reflects our deep-seated dedication to answering the call of the Earth, urging us to our natural stewardship. With such a remarkable origin story inspired by such a deep encounters with nature, Earthkeepers invites you to be part of a transformative mission. Let’s unite in response to nature’s call, weaving ourselves into the vibrant mosaic of Earth’s story, and stepping into harmony with the world’s innate rhythms.