Call out to all Earthkeepers

Dear kindred spirits,

I want to expand the platform that I am co-creating with Nature. And this is call out to all Earthkeepers around the world to get together on this platform. This is the precious time we have available to us where it is so needed to stand up in our own truth for the world we co-create together. I choose to be a big player in this and ask you to do the same! This is no invitation to take a ride in someone else’s success story but instead to build your own, and do all that you can do in unconditionally loving co-creating with our fellow beloved planet Earth. We are the one’s who can put the H in front of eart! The H of Human. And this is what we always wanted, but have always misunderstood. Because the resulting planet will be a reflection of our human heart shining free. We were misguided into separating ourselves from living creation to (ab)use the power available to us to create with the things available to us. And as a result of this we do not co-create but start to manipulate living creating. And every form of manipulation results in frustration, the frustration that nature is not working with us, because we have moved ourselves to far out of balance. And of course we will always regret the result of it after it is all to late.

By nature no one in the world will choose manipulation out of love, the result of it is more destructing then a broken heart. It’s breaking the heart of our true mother and father who made us happen. This is the mistake we made by ourselves. And we are now finally in a state where we regret this all. But now by giving way to this we also gave way to world leaders that are supporting the further downward spiral of the precious resources and nurturing we have available to us. To not just thrive as a species, but to thrive as a planet in the solar system. It’s up to us too become this beacon of light that shines out into the entire Universe, or to become like a dying planet, turning off the light not just inside of us, but inside the entire world we live in. It’s such a pity while we have been given this garden of eden to take care of it in such a way that we can bring heaven to earth in which we can all live a happy fulfilling life.

So this is an invitation for all visionaries out there who are feeling the drive. In co-creation with nature, nature will provide you with all the answers and all that you need to become the earthkeeper in your own way.

I am creating platforms around the world and I need all of your help. Everyone who is ready to step into their living performance as Earthkeepers. All the people that feel called to not just take a stand, but to become the brand that takes over the world like mushrooms.
Earthkeepers are the people that take responsibility for the Earth, who are well aware that we are the choice makers of our world, and together we are still able (time is running out though) to transform this planet starting with the choices we make and the alternatives we make. We are the creators of the New Earth where big corporations that are not taking nature’s way will drown in their own disease. Only if we take nature’s way, will be thrive just like any other species on earth, and fulfil the role we have to play together to get back in the balance that the Universe provided us.