Earthkeepers is a call from the earth, our common body, calling us back into alignment with her. To join the natural ecosystem of the earth in the vibration of love that naturally directs us towards a wholesome society.
As a species, we came here to be a beautiful addition to nature by being the instruments we feel most excited to be. To enhance nature with the sacredness that resides within us all. Embracing all that comes naturally to us when we ground in love and let go of fear-driven motives.

As Earthkeepers we are here to help us remember our true role on earth. The life experience of play that uplifts the essence of our being (here). Embracing and remembering the big picture view in which we can all feel invited to play a leading role. When we merge our common visions of life on earth and partake in it together. A play where each one of us is an instrument for our divine nature to become physical nature. Together we are born to be instruments in the symphony of nature. Playing in tune so we can celebrate the art of being one with nature and the self-healing mechanism of the earth!
(If this sounds fluffy to you, then I am sorry but that is keeping you from grasping your innate power and human potential.)
Come and explore with us, how we can experience the earth as our common home and body.
What steps can you take towards positive change, in yourself, in your daily lives, and your family as a contribution to earth?
Be the inspiration that inspires a harmonious society.