Who want to step in the purest form of their gift to the world. This is my gift to you!

This is your chance to get inspired by the profound Earthkeepers vision
and synergic integration experience.

A special NON-PROFIT event tailored for people who want to integrate the Earthkeepers experience in their contribution to the world!

I would love to connect with you on a more personal level by bringing fellow earthkeepers together in pristine Nature. And this time we create this retreat together. – Maurice

From 4-11 MAY we are organising a profound Earthkeepers – circle of creation, a special retreat for conscious trainers and teachers to artists and other masters in their field (from performance artists, chi gong, tantra masters or yoga -teachers, entrepreneurs to cooks and browneymakers.) All people who serve others in helping to remove restrictions and distractions. Is that you? Then come and join us to build exclusive tailor-made events and retreats for people. Totally inspired by the Earthkeepers vision and initiative.

This circle of creation is entirely NON-PROFIT (all extra donations go to the Earthkeepers foundation) That means the costs of these circles will be entirely shared. We buy our food and prepare our food together. And just pay two rental cars together and the cost of the facilitator’s stay and food (that’s it).

After the event everyone is welcome (and free) to donate to the Earthkeepers foundation, for whatever you feel this experience is worth for you and to keep these circles going.

This circle of creation is entirely NON-PROFIT (all extra donations go to the Earthkeepers foundation). So this time we share the costs of the accommodation, car, gasoline and also buy and prepare our food together. Each of us chips in for two rental cars and the cost of the facilitator’s stay and food. This will be around €350 p.p. This includes airport pickup and all day-trips. The food we arrange together on location. To confirm your booking, we ask you to pay just the costs of €350 as a deposit.

Optional: we can choose to bring in our Earthkeepers organic cook, who prepares 3 super healthy organic meals per day for us for €35 per day. This includes all tea/snacks etc.

We stay in caverooms in which we are within nature at all times and take the breathtaking trips together in the biosphere reserve of Menorca as provided by Maurice. And of course including lots of sea time. All is tailor-made for us all to bring out the best in us all.

We are going to have a wild time together in which we take all our restrictions off and fully dive into and support each other’s higher selves. We create a sacred space on our own and together, grounded in love, where we nurture, support, respect and honour each and everyone’s contribution! YEEEEHOOO!!!

This time we meet in the breathtaking biosphere reserve of Menorca in the location where some of the retreats are given. One of our Earthkeepers Headquarters.

After being called to set this all up, I will do everything to bring these profound circles of kindred spirits together, so that we can experience this beautiful momentum in the vibration we create together.

This is not a regular retreat, but a gathering of kindred Spirits all bringing their input into creating the most profound journeys together to transform our world, one platform of healing at a time.

At this moment Earthkeepers foundation is filled with visionary initiatives that help transform our world that are now open for people who want to take them in both hands. So if you feel that this totally resonate with you, give me a buzz by PM. And we work from there! JOIN US! +34 662059261 or EMAIL.

For now, looking forward to meeting you all and instil some magic into the world when we participate in spiration.

If you have any questions or remarks, please do let me know by contacting me directly.

The world needs Earthkeepers NOW!

With love,


“Participate in spiration, grounded in love.” – Maurice Spees