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Earthkeepers is an international initiative for earth-conscious productions and experiences and is registered in the Netherlands under KVK number: 51806088.

Earthkeepers foundation is a non-profit foundation for community gatherings and the Earthkeepers legacy. Registered in the Netherlands under KVK nr. 69649189. Earthkeepers foundation is set up to gather the entrepreneurs to set up our corporation.  

To contact us or for bookings or inquiries please contact Maurice Spees in person: 
Call +31 613393655 or send email to
maurice @ earthkeepers.eu

Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Founder and Facilitating guide / Visual Storyteller

Tel: +31 613393655
Skype: maurice.spees

All Photography and video material courtesy of visual artist and nature photographer Maurice Spees © 2019 Maurice Spees    All Rights Reserved