Gathering, Ibiza


Thank you for your interest in joining the next gathering. We are pleased to welcome you in this circle.

In these gatherings we explore the conditions under which our true individual and group potential gets actualised in co-creation with the earth. And how we can use this potential together to give each and every one of our tribe the nurturing, support and resources they need to bring out their gift back to the earth. It's going to be a profound experience. A circle of creation that will be a weekly playground in which we celebrate the expression of the beauty of creation - by bringing the power of Sacredness back into our lives!

Earthkeepers is a calling from nature, mother earth, calling you back in alignment with her. It's her call out to us to start actualising this divine potential that we have all been given at the time of birth. And become part of the self-healing mechanism of the earth. Before we as a species move further and further away from her until she flushes us away.
You are by nature a tremendously beautiful and perfect part of creation, so why would anyone choose to work against that potential?
For more information about this calling please read this blog post I specially wrote for you.
And how can we truly take the time to actualise this potential, together? By coming together and create a sacred space where magic can take place. In other words, by being true to our nature.
And follow up on what we have always been as a species doing, to not get lost and keep in touch with the big picture view of life.
These gatherings are on invitation, but if you feel this is for you, you are free to join.
Every week we come to-gather in an Earthkeepers gathering in Ibiza. This can be indoors at Espacio Colibri, or outdoors at selected places.
You are more then welcome!
The contribution is €12 for each gathering. Access only by pre-booking.
For an annual subscription to the Earthkeepers platform you can enjoy all gatherings 4x per month for free and a lot more for just €15 a month.
For an annual subscription of €10 a month you get 50% discount on all gatherings.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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