Celebrating our connection with nature

Every month we come together to give you a taste of the power of communion with nature by embracing our pure human nature. Through inspirational talks by people that fully embody the Earthkeeper within, we elevate the connection with ourselves, spirit, our relationships and nature. With the Earthkeepers legacy we gather people that are dedicated to making a difference. Embodying our human nature, our true expression, as divine instruments in the symphony of nature. Celebrated in a meditative dance journey into the ecstatic dance, Tierra Danza.

An Earthkeeper is someone that naturally inspires you to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, for the benefit of all of life on earth.


The essence of our creative nature

Through online webinars and live event lectures, Earthkeepers share their experience and inspirational stories about how we can live in communion with nature and live our soul signatures. By uplifting your relationship with nature, yourself and others, we highlight the ingredients necessary for each one of us to become an essential contribution to a thriving global tribe of people. All serving a vision that can only come to life when we join in equality.

“We inspire each other into our common vision, actualising our human potential to transform our world into a place that we can all be proud off.


An Earthkeeper innovates and creates opportunities that are in line with nature’s laws of give and receive – a win-win for everyone.

Men Of The Earth

Gathering of men that make a difference

Today’s world asks for whole men, also called fully integrated men. Integrating all aspects of being. A whole man means truly standing up for your mission and soul signature as your contribution to the earth. Are you ready to actualise your creative potential in favour of all life on earth? To be an example the earth is waiting for? As Earthkeepers, we fully embrace our ability to create an uplifting society through a strong bond with nature from which our true nature unfolds. Together we explore: What is it that you want to contribute to the earth? What is your true calling? How do you want to achieve or actualise this? What responsibility do you take? And what are the nurturing, support and resources you need to achieve this? Join the tribe and make it happen! We currently provide men circles in Ibiza. 
Are you ready to be a warrior for the Earth?

“When you look closely at nature, we are the only species on earth that put immature men at power, and then reject the fact that true warriors even still exist. These gatherings induce the warrior spirit in you.”

Maurice Spees

When we are in tune with nature, surrendering to the moment, our human potential naturally unfolds.

Tierra Danza 

Celebrating the earth as our common body

After each success and each life experience, we share our gratitude for all of life has to offer with a celebration. Tierra Danza, a modern expression of an ancient ceremony, merging Ecstatic Dance with a profound ceremony, embracing the sacredness of life. A sacred space that represents the community spirit of a tribe living in tune with nature. Book a dance journey for your retreat or event. 

“Taking the celebration of life more serious, by letting all boundaries go. Intoxicating ourselves only with our own life force energy, embodying the Spirit of dance.” 

Maurice Spees