The Earthkeepers calling, Amsterdam

Inspirational Introduction talk by Maurice Spees, founding chief of Earthkeepers.

Date: 08-08-2017, 19:30 – 22:30 @ Mahara Holistic Lifestyle Center, Amsterdam.

What is our true role on Earth and in nature as a human species? 

Do we truly have an individual or a collective purpose when we look at the Earth as a whole?

On 8 August Maurice Spees founding chief of Earthkeepers will give a reading about the Earthkeepers project and share his vision of how we can truly co-create with the Earth as an intelligence. And how in this service our true role in nature unfolds.

I am sure you have heard the name Earthkeepers a lot recently, Maurice discovered, it’s not just a name, it’s a calling. It’s time for us to step up and embody our true roles on this beautiful planet to bring balance to our world.

If this feels inviting to you, then feel free to join this speech.
We would love to invite people that feel the call to get inspired to join the earthkeepers project or collective.

Personal message from Maurice:

“Dear tribe,
This is an invitation to an introductory story about Earthkeepers. Where I share the profound vision that has been coming to me that can change the perspective of our lives forever. In which we can truly feel the involvement as a human being, and as a beautiful part of the Earth.
Feel inspired to come and join. For me it’s a huge challenge to share this with the world this way, but that means it’s a giant step for mankind as well.”

This talk will be in English, while I have been living abroad for a long while, and all visions and epiphanies I receive are in English as well, the language of my soul.

Food and drinks will be provided in the donation/ admission fee.

Note: the entire talk will be recorded on video for later view online.