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Thank you for your interest in joining the Earthkeepers legacy in you personal and professional life. Please let us know your motivation by sending us a message. 

The Earthkeepers legacy is a non-exclusive worldwide collective of kindred spirits that is rapidly growing and that we will give on to our children at the moment our generation passes. Together we enjoy the most nurturing support and resources that help us bring out our innate gift to the world as the unique instrument we are. As instruments we form a group of pioneering individuals who actively live up to their true nature which naturally benefits all of life on earth, playing in the symphony of oneness. 

What do you get by joining the Earthkeepers legacy? 

You get access to four profound experiences supporting your role in the symphony of nature: 

  1. The Earthkeepers events
  2. Special discount on three masterclass weekend experiences
  3. Access to the legacy of supporting kindred spirits
  4. You will be a supporter or even a co-producer of the upcoming Earthkeepers film: The Symphony of Nature

Events – INSPIRE
Joining the legacy gives you access to profound inspiration that enables you to truly make a difference in your life and the lives of others, in the way you feel possible. You receive inspiration from the earthkeepers from around the world and get access to events that are specially brewed to re-attune people to the symphony of nature. From awakening to integrating the Earthkeeper within.

For businesses we recommend following our INITIATE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM. 
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