Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees

Visionary Founding Chief | Transformational Guide & Speaker | Facilitator


MY LIFE MISSION is to guide people into seeing the world from their unique perspective, the perspective of Spirit. To see the big picture and ripen their inner wisdom. From where their whole life contribution can unfold naturally, into their gift back to the world. By facilitating co-creative platforms of direct experience. Platforms that in itself are giants steps of the stairway up. That help people get in touch with and attuned with nature and  in their meet their higher nature. We open up our hearts to help our Spirit liberate oneself!

People come to me when they truly ask for guidance in bringing out their gift, stepping in their essence and giving way to their Spirit to creatively express themselves.  Be ready to align with your inner child, to meet your inner shaman, inner guru or inner bodhisattva, grounded in love without the labels attached.

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A platform is a giant step of the stairway up. – Maurice Spees

As a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker, I serve people the healing ingredients to tune their life(style) to the symphony of nature.

My life and contribution is all about ecological and spiritual growth, in co-creation and in communion with nature and each other. From a personal to a collective level.
As an inspirational speaker I am invited across the globe to share the Earthkeeper’s vision, intended to help simplify our lives, while living and working in the symphony of nature.

Together we are the the key to liberation! 

As a Visionary Earthkeeper, I merge my experience in Filmmaking and Photography with Ecopsychology and life coaching, to help elevate individuals and groups into their true life purpose as natural caretakers of our planet. Getting people in touch with the Earth’s intelligence.
With the gift of foresight and intuitive communication with nature’s intelligence; I guide individuals into the direct experience needed to fully step into the embodied presence of their unique contribution (life purpose) as part of the whole. Bridging our city lives with nature.

Facilitating EARTHKEEPERS Sacred Vision retreats around the globe.
Combining Ecopsychology with life-art (levenskunst) for people to experience the profound and essential impact communion with the Earth’s intelligence has on our well-being, to help enlighten our true human life purpose.

“Elevating the human experience through close encounters with nature’s intelligence.”

To bring the profound Earthkeepers and ever expanding message to the world, living and working with the Earth’s intelligence. For the well-being of our planet and our human potential. With the healing art of film and photography, inspirational talks, transmedia films and personal development in primal nature; tailored Earthkeepers retreats and trainings.