New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo (once in 360 years)

August 21-22

This is the perfect time to create ceremony for ourselves to fully step into the Avatar (embodiment) we are. Letting go of everything that does not serve us in serving the world. Avatar meaning the embodiment of one consciousness expressed creatively in you as an in-divi dual (In Divine duality) experience.

With the powerful magnet in your heart, expressed in loving excitement, you align the world around you to re-present what is already present deep within you. Embracing your inner child’s longing, everything is a creative expression of your heart, the heart of your being; wounded, broken, healed or fulfilled. The most powerful form of creation, as seen reflected in nature, is that which connects us all, Love creatively expressed in magic.

And to make this even more viable as a collective, we tune into our common Avatar, the Earth, and her creative expression; the symphony of nature in all her glory. Which heals our hearts and aligns our being to the pure expression of love.
With the awareness that only when we take good care and preserve our common body or Avatar, the Earth as our own, we can liberate ourselves from this level of creation to move on to the next. But we are still care-takingly making way to progress on our healing journeys, so that we can all feel fulfilled as a single spark of the one consciousness at play.

Enjoy this powerful day of transformation.

Lots of love to share,

Maurice Spees

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“Let’s all imagine the mainstream in tune with the symphony of nature, and it will be so!” – Maurice Spees

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