Enlighten your purpose and embody your essence

Next to Earthkeepers empowerment circles and retreats, Maurice Spees offers private session as a transformational guide, visionary and personal or business life consultancy. As a natural born guide with his level of foresight and intuitive guidance he can help visualise your intention, your innate gifts and help you transform it into a powerful contribution. And help you align your gift with nature and the earth, get you in touch with Spirit and nature’s intelligence to work with, so that it will help you thrive on all levels. These sessions are for people who truly want to take a shift in their lives and make an impact in the world and the lives of others.

Maurice is one of these rare individuals who can empower and invigorate people to thrive in their human potential and nature, to step in their core essence and make an impact in the world. Not just the way he captures people’s radiance in photography, but how he makes them come alive in their Divine nature.

I dedicate myself to helping people realise their full human potential working in co-creation with the earth as our common avatar to live their gift in tune with nature. As Earthkeepers we are here to be the examples for the world, and before we can do this, we help each other thrive.Building a tribe of kindred Spirits all dedicated to a common vision to heal each other and transform the world.

These sessions are a beautiful way into the Earthkeepers path. Which can be the foundation for taking on an initiation and integration experience in primal nature. As an Earthkeeper I guide you into using your precious life force energy in the most effective way, as beautiful contribution to life on Earth.

One to one or group circle sessions are available in (primal) nature on location or by Skype.

To book your Private Session please contact me below.

Maurice Spees – based in Ibiza and Amsterdam.

Contact call: +31 613393655 or maurice@earthkeepers.eu

To visit Maurice’s personal site goto www.mauricespees.com




Maurice Spees is an excellent intuitive coach and facilitator, I was delighted to book a long line of coaching sessions with Maurice. He has given me so much insight and knowledge about my being and how I can function much more effortlessly. Maurice works solely in the present of NOW and is able to connect to invisible levels of being, assisting his clients to get fully tuned in with nature inside and outside. I have become aware of many hidden agendas in my system and this has resulted already in many concrete areas in my life and my artistic career. I recommend Maurice absolutely if you want make some big leaps in your life!


Sanna Pirita

Intuitive Singer & coach

Maurice has helped me tremendously in getting more clarity in finding my own unique way. What intrigued me to ask Maurice as my coach is to really implement my healing connection to nature in my work a lot more. Maurice uses his intuition in a powerful way. His insights and visions that spontaneously arise to guide people into their own power and gift are profound. Even over Skype Maurice took me into the depth of the connection with Mother nature and showed me how to implement it into my life and my contribution, and how to live in alignment with nature. Though his approach, much more love, peace, trust and security has come into my life.

Now I can be that bridge between Mother Earth, Source and man, to heal others by making them aware and bringing them in touch with the true nature in and around them.

Mirjam van der Pennen

Woman's Coach (topic: narcism), Tarpa