There is nothing wrong with profit. That is what you are here for. And when you never work against nature, nature gives you that benefit.

Profit in Dutch is “profiteren”, “profit eren.” That means honour profit. Which is a good way to see it? When we honour the earth, we can honour her profit as well. But there is no honour in profit by taking away from the Earth or her inhabitants.

Taking advantage of nature does not mean to exploit nature, but to participate in it. Participate in the beauty of creation and the opportunity we have as a human being to contribute to this beauty, that’s all it takes. We have the privilege to be able to feel the love while bathing in the love of creation. Isn’t that something beautiful enough to cherish while alive?

Taking advantage of the earth does not mean to destroy the earth, but to participate in the beauty of this fantastically beautiful planet!

And that makes you an Earthkeeper.

Maurice Spees – Earthkeeper