Enlighten your purpose on the path of liberation.


8-16 May 2018

Transform your life in a work of art!

A deepening in the truth of your being to recharge your life.  

Join visionary earthkeeper Maurice Spees in primal nature to fully align with your purity to step in the light of your highest purpose. Once your true nature awakens and penetrates you, there is no turning back. A transformed life will unfold from within you. A life that mirrors your essence…

Are you ready to…

  • Immerse yourself in primordial nature? The wild, the majestic and the mind-blowing spectacle of nature’s presence?
  • Get out of your head and into the heart of your being?
  • Develop a profound relation with nature and Spirit and discover how this can enhance your life?
  • Spend quality time understanding the miraculous primal nature?
  • See your life in a refreshing new light and perspective?
  • Align yourself with the vast play of the universe, fully connected? That means no form of separation.
  • Take a full-on DETOX from the hustle bustle of city life. A reset we all need once in a while?

At the heart of your being lies a center of stillness, a stillpoint. A place totally silent and content with everything there is. Go there and be there, stay there while the world around you unfolds from within. And from this place, participate in spiration, grounded in love.” – Maurice Spees

For who is this retreat?

This retreat is specially meant for those who heard the calling. And you know that this resonates with you when you did. You can feel you are someone who is ready to take on this intensive weeklong integration, and become the inspiration for others to attune too. To transform the actions you take by infusing them with the Earthkeepers Spirit. The world needs inspiring role models. People who radiate the purity of their presence into our society as a whole. That means, the world needs people like you. The world needs Earthkeepers!

Get ready to bring out your inner Shaman, your inner Guru and your inner Bodhisattva as reflected in nature. Without the labels attached.


8-16 May 2018

Facilitator Maurice Spees

Maurice has always been living in an unbroken relation and communion with mother nature. During his time in a buddhist temple in Asia he discovered the ability to fully become one with her presence, which allows us to see, feel and capture the Spirit present. Through this relation he later received the “earthkeeper” calling in Menorca, to drop everything he does, and fully embody the earthkeeper he is born to be. And with it to embed and inspire the role of the Earthkeepers into people’s hearts. With the wisdom of profound ever expanding insights and decades of direct experience in nature, like yearlong explorations in deep jungles and vast oceans, he brought this platform and these retreats into being. Tailor-made for people who want to live true to the wisdom of the Earthkeeper within our heart. This means your true calling that can be mastered in any particular expertise.

“As a guiding coach and healer with the help of this platform, I give my entire being to awaken and inspire people to align with their purest essence, that allows us to break free from the restrictions that we face in life.  A unique combination that brings direct personal experience in communion with primal nature, intuitive guidance through profound insights together with the huge potential of in-depth reflecting with kindred spirits. By honouring my deepest calling I help others step in their calling as the Sacred servants of the Earth. That means Pure warrior, born to liberate the Spirit through their inspiring work, art and presence.

“Throughout my travels and nature explorations I discovered that it takes about two years for a community to fully live in tune with each other. And in a crowded city it can take up to a lifetime. But when we are all attuned to the Spirit of the Earth through nature, it takes just a moment!”Maurice Spees



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A purifying digital, mind, spirit and body DETOX. A self-realisation experience into the depths of nature. Get closer to yourself and your true nature!

Submerge yourself in the tranquil and peaceful setting of the breathtakingly pristine Biosphere reserve of the Mediterranean island Menorca. A place where you can totally be alone in nature.

LOCATION: EARTHKEEPERS Headquarters – Sa Dragonera, Barranc d’Algendar, Menorca, Spain (fully submerged in primal nature).

Our Earthkeepers headquarters is in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca itself at Barranc d’Algendar, in the middle of a ravine. We stay in unique caves in the natural ravines which are transformed into a house.
A magical place specially selected to be fully submerged in Nature, situated in the south east of the Island. It is a specially protected natural area and a recognised bird reserve. Every day healthy meals are prepared for you by our organic cook to stay in the vibration of pure prana.

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Of course you will not go home without a beautiful Soul portrait of you in your element nature shot by Maurice Spees. These pictures can be used in your own promotion, as Earthkeeper.


Communicate your message by radiating your presence to the world online. Exclusively for Earthkeepers I offer this extra. Along your journey we create quality time where you can share your unique gift straight from your heart to the camera. Ready to be used in your own promotions. This is worth more then the investment in the retreat alone.

Earthkeepers Headquarters

This retreat is build upon the success of the nature and photography workshops and the last four retreats with Maurice Spees.

What to expect:

The Earthkeepers retreat is based upon a unique platform tailor-made to invoke direct experience in primal nature. The entire retreat is a profound seven day ceremony into your essence, from the wild to the untamable. Through direct experience we aim to develop a deeper connection with our Spirit that can guide us to the fullest expression of our unique calling. Submerging in remote areas where natural healing takes place that ripens our inner wisdom. Along the way we learn to recognise and tab into the self-healing mechanism of the earth which reveals the access to our own inner healing. All the steps will be revealed to you along the way.

The retreat is build upon individual in-depth experience, integration, contemplation, and co-creative sharing sessions. Together forming pure synergy that allows each and everyone to step into their highest state of being at all times. You can expect spontaneous revelations, heart opening encounters, empowerment sessions, silence and a lot of fun. This can involve practical techniques using your body as a vehicle, authentic movement, visualisation, insight meditation, chi gong and all that organically unfolds as vehicles and tools on your path, to a deeper connection with yourself and nature at that time. You will receive inspired action plans to step into your role as an earthkeeper. Most of the time the morning rituals are co-created by what the group needs, making it a joyful experience and a beautiful way to restore our senses.

Note: During this experiential you are free to use a photo camera mindfully. Unless you choose to do a full-on digital detox. So this is a time where you can practice with mindful photography. Using photography as a vehicle for self-realisation as developed by Maurice Spees a decade ago. P.s. the basics of photography is not included, while it’s to mental for this retreat, but can be booked as an additional one day workshop before the retreat starts in Menorca.

If after reading this, you still want more clarity about the retreat, and if it’s for you, sign up for a 30min free SKYPE introduction.

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HOW TO GET THERE? Once you confirm your booking more info about flights will be send to you. And I can help you with selecting the perfect and most affordable flights from Amsterdam, London, and other big cities. Recommended to book your flights on Skyscanner.com

Together we take on a creative revolution!
Rebirthing our society from a consumer marketplace into a healthy playground for thriving Earth conscious creators co-inspired by Nature. – 
Maurice Spees- EARTHKEEPER


15-25 May 2018

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“The Vision Exploration retreat with Maurice is more than a ticket to Menorca. It is a ticket to a magical world.
The combination of meditation, body work and Mindful Photography transformed every moment of the day into an exercise in attention, in which everything could just totally be itself: the hushed mystery of a prehistoric monument, the ferocious strength of a rugged coastline, the mindblowing beauty of a rock formation. In everything I saw something of myself. The creative passion of Maurice and the purity of the island reinforce each other in a special way. I have found my joy in (nature) photography. “

Lisette van de Wel

Anthropologist and religion scientist, ecologische antropologie

“I had a beautiful mindful Creative Vision exploration retreat in Menorca. Now, two weeks back home, I noticed that everything has gained momentum in my life. 
You get closer to nature and therefore closer to your own nature. I learned to love nature completely.
It’s such a profound and unforgettable experience, even now years later I will never forget how it has changed my perspective. 

I can certainly recommend it to anybody to do this!”

Jan de Kock

Communication leader - Sustainable entrepreneur, Holistico

May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.

May you have the joy and peace in the temple of your senses. 

John O’Donohue





I love you!