Reunite with nature and your own nature

Do you feel called to retreat from the life you are living to refreshen your perception? To dedicate your life to the betterment of all of life on earth?
Earthkeepers offers tailored retreats in primal nature that help you take the time to invoke a state of being that can severely enhance the way you live your life and your contribution to society (or your tribe) on a daily basis. An Earthkeepers initiation experience helps you attune to your true nature by unifying all the elements of nature in a centred state of being. Being true to your nature we call an embodied Earthkeeper. Being in your power. Which results in you using your precious life force energy most effectively, involving conscious choices for the benefits of your community, supporting all of life on earth. As an embodied Earthkeeper you become a living inspiration ready for the full-on integration!

What does it mean to be initiated?
Initiation means to bring out your innate nature, your true or primal power. That means the part that is already inside of you, which is often called your blueprint, but today’s society does not support to bring out.
With the Earthkeepers initiation, we take quality time in nature, where we open up a sacred space for this primal nature to be experienced and expressed within a group of kindred spirits, we are able to fully create space for it to become our embodied self.

Initiation into the embodied Earthkeeper to uplift society with your own life.

A journey into reunification with our primordial nature, the root of our being from where our life unfolds.

Weekend Retreat

Embody the essence of your human nature

This weekend retreat is a beautiful way to take some quality time in the relaxing quietness of pristine nature. being inspired by just one source, Nature. Which helps you to get in touch with the earthkeeper within. So that you too can experience the tremendous benefits of a tribe of kindred spirits all in tune with nature. Sharing the nurturing, support and resources you need to strengthen your relationship with yourself, with nature and others.

“We inspire each other into our common vision, actualising our human potential to transform our world into something we are all proud of.”


Fire can’t burn our true nature, the earth can’t bury it, water can’t drench it, and the wind can’t blow it away. Pure from the beginning, our true nature is ‘unimpeded,’ in the sense that it cannot be bound by anything.

Week Experience

Deep-dive Initiation in the heart of primal nature. 

One week – one tribe – five elements. Experience the full-on integration into an embodied Earthkeeper as the pure instrument you are. Take a deep-dive in communion with nature where you learn to trust her guidance, nurturing and support as an inspiration for the life you lead and the service you contribute. 

“Tune-in to nature, Step into the wholeness of your being

and become an essential contribution to all of life on earth.”

Maurice Spees

When we are in tune with nature, surrendering to the moment, our human potential naturally unfolds.
When we are in tune with nature, surrendering to the moment, our human potential naturally unfolds.

Mindful Photography®

Photography as a vehicle for self-realisation

Masterclass workshops and retreats, taking photography to a contemplative perspective. Learn and master the Art of Mindful Photography, using photography to develop a profound connection with all of life that you can capture the most breathtaking images, as a reflection of your own inner state of being.

“The eyes are the doors of our perception and the camera is our window.” 

Maurice Spees

I live in the silence of my soul. It’s a  sort of wakefulness through which I experience the beauty all around me, and I see the world through the well of my heart.