The Earthkeepers tribe

Living and working in tune with nature.

Everything on this site is meant for one thing. To reach and bring together Earthkeepers worldwide, our tribe! Because only together we can shape the world we want it to be in co-creation and as a beautiful addition to nature. And it’s clear that our tribe is spread all around the world. If the name Earthkeepers intrigues you and you feel the calling to experience your life as a work of art that is in tune with nature, then this could be a sign that you are ready to step into your contribution. We as Earthkeepers want all of us to benefit from the Earthkeepers tribe, while living and working in co-creation with nature. Providing everyone the nurturing, support and resources needed to bring out our unique and needed gifts to the world.

“Each of us has been given a gift at birth that we cary within to give back to the Earth. When we do not let this come out, our lives can turn against us and against the world as one.”

Living in attunement with Nature

When we attune to the primordial energy as found in Nature, we become vessels for Nature to be able to express herself through. We become the Earthkeepers that we were born to be, and bring out the gift that reside within us to work in communion and co-creation with Nature to bring a New Earth (heaven on Earth) into being. A World that resembles the beauty that is creatively expressed by the Divine Spirit within us. From primal to sublime nature. As Earthkeepers we thrive only for innovation when it is in tune and alignment with living creation.

Innovation in tune with living creation.

Throughout our evolution, every single human being is still housed in a body that contains two expressions of DNA. Through the Divine part in our DNA we all have the potential to work in co-creation with the Divine (Earth). But our DNA still contains a manipulated part (which can be seen as Eve’s apple) which like everything else unfolds like a fractal into the choices we make. And one of these choices is to manipulate divine creation in which we turn our own being against the Nature that brought us to life.

If you would know that within each and every one of us resides a purity so sublime, that once we resonate or align with that, slowly but steadily the manipulated part of our DNA becomes stagnant, and can not effect our creative expression anymore. From this perspective we, as a species, are able to thrive as the most  beautiful addition to Nature. Just like Mother Earth (the Creator) intended. Of course this all takes time, but for this awareness to arise within us, words like this can only guide us in the right direction, when we integrate the message within our own direct experience as transceivers. So that we we can become aware of the innate potential within us, by realising our true nature is our Divine presence, the ever present witnessing consciousness, with no persona attached.

This is the time that we forgive ourselves for being unaware that we carry a manipulated part of creation within us, which makes us all responsible as a collective for the world we created together.

It is only when we are able to fully step into the present moment in which we see our true self reflected in the beauty and magic present all around us (the Spirit of the world), that we start to realise the Divinity that we are! And from this awareness we are ready to start ability to co-creating from the presence of this awareness.

This is why I was asked as a guide, to bring small groups of people together in a retreat who in co-creation with Nature bring the experience to life in which they fully step into the purity of their own being. Fully embracing and embodying the Earthkeepers they are. To give life to Earthkeepers circles of creation that work across the world to bring the essence and resonance of primordial Nature back into our living and working environment. So that we as a species can thrive in full commitment and co-creation with the Sacred Spirit of the Earth.
To bring the Visionary Earthkeepers together, in co-creation with Nature I create retreats where people bathe in the most breathtaking creative expression of nature. Mostly in areas where we have access to the most varied and ancient parts of our planet.

We have an Earthkeepers headquarters in the heart of the biosphere Reserve of Menorca, in the middle of a beautiful ravine and currently in Ibiza. We are expanding our network in locations worldwide where we can help preserve the areas with eco-retreats and gatherings.

The Earthkeepers tribe

The Earthkeepers tribe is where our brotherhood and sisterhood comes together and we embrace the essence of a balanced life. Where we learn to live in synergy with other kindred spirits joining together. To perform the magic of living together in co-creation with nature and pure alignment with Source. The perfect way for us to liberate our Spirit, the gift that we cary within us single handedly to contribute to the world within our tribe.

Five things that make you an earthkeeper.

With love,

Maurice Spees