The Earthkeepers tribe, our legacy

Living and working in tune with the symphony of nature. 

With Earthkeepers we are answering a movement that is fully inspired by and tuned to Symphony of Nature. Which makes it possible for all of us to live a more natural way of life. Which means investing our precious life-force energy in recovering and restoring the nature of life that is gifted to us to bring out our gift. Where being caretakers of our planet is a natural byproduct.


This website is meant specifically to reach, support and bring together the Earthkeepers worldwide, our tribe! Because only together we can shape the world we want it to be, in co-creation and as a beautiful addition to nature.The Earthkeepers tribe is spread all around the world, while it involves every one of us and all of our lives.


Every movement starts from within, and that’s why we offer the Earthkeepers Experience, to help individuals become the purest most natural version of themselves, where being benefactors of the earth and preserving nature comes naturally. A group and individual experience that guides you to your own inner-drive as the unique instrument that you came here to play.


And with the individuals that we reach with this calling we are growing a constantly blooming Earthkeepers Legacy. One of the most precious gifts to leave behind when we pass the earth to our children. As a legacy we are here to revolutionise the way we live our lives and do business. So that no business can stands tall without working from a healthy connection with the earth. The legacy brings together the pioneers of rebirthing our society, and giving them all the nurturing, support and resources needed to live their gifts. So that they  become a living example to pave the way for others to do the same. 

If the name Earthkeepers lights you up and you feel the same calling to revolutionise the way we live and do our business, then this is a sign that you are ready to step into your gift as the instrument that only you can be. We want you like one of us to benefit from the Earthkeepers Experience to tune yourself and be part of the legacy that helps lights up the world with your presence. 

“Each of us has been given a creative gift at birth that is waiting to bloom into the world as the presence of our deeper, ripe and mature nature, where everything in life is sacred for us.”

Lets move this world our primal to the most sublime nature. The quintenssence of our being here!