Stop fooling around, it’s time to step in your true role on earth NOW! As the earthkeeper you are born to be! And be a living example for everyone you can reach and inspire online or offline. And take every one you know with you! This is a calling from the earth herself. Are we either with her or against her?

This is no joke! You have the power in your hands to help us all thrive as a species, and the only way we can thrive is in communion with nature!


Earthkeepers is a foundation founded by visionary Maurice Spees, just for one purpose: to bring a constantly growing tribe of people in alignment and in co-creation with the earth, to become the most potent hub that helps not just actualise our human potential, but at the same time we transform the way we treat the earth and nature,when we play together it gives gives us all the ability to thrive with nature. Only in this way our growing population of humans will find it’s benefits!

What is the strongest definition of who you truly are?

When you feel called as an Earthkeeper, that already says enough about you, that means you want to actualise the potential you have within you to be a caretaker of the earth, as it has been pre-created before we got access to this creative potential.


When we become an addition to living creation with loving respect of all of life, we naturally thrive with nature. When we abuse or destroy living creation, as an effect we are slowly destroyed with it. While it’s impossible to thrive with nature when we move against her.
Nature will always survive in the end. We are a part of her and by acting as if we are not, we will be expelled from this planet soon enough. So it’s your choice!
We all are given a choice, that is the free will we have been given. This choice is simple. Do you respect your planet as your own (our common) body, and help her thrive, and with this get access to all the benefits of nature, including her self-healing power, inspirational intelligence that provides us with all we need in life,which we can call the true creative Spirit of life. Or do you go against nature, using this creativity against nature, and receive all the benefits of a industrial technological society, that slowly makes it impossible for our Spirit to thrive. It is not one against the other, but the only way for us to thrive is bring them closer together.


The industrial evolution is similar to the alcoholic spirit. In which we use small doses of poison to entertain ourselves. But the day after there is always a come down. Do you need an industrial hangover before you realise we are driving ourselves further and further away from our truth? From the ability to fully embody the Divine spark that we all carry within, that we were given at the moment we were born, but that a slave driven society tries hard to imprison deeper and deeper in your psyche, so that you can be used as a single consuming organism eating the planet away. Or instead do you want to embrace the benefits of both worlds, by embracing the potential of connecting them both, so that we will not any longer separate ourselves further away from nature. But instead we become a giant part in the entire play of the universe. By actualising our human potential, tuning into nature’s vibration of love unfolding, that can transform this planet into a harmonious earth which is the true purpose of the earth as a playground and school.


Is it truly such a hard choice?
I think not. I am really curious how it comes that there are still people alive today that consciously support a society that only results in a huge industrial hangover. Leaving a planet behind that is inhabitable for any life. Do you think that is who you truly are? Or do you like many others need a huge tragedy in life, before you wake up and realise, you are living in the dream of someone else. And not at all in a common dream that has been embedded in us all to raise the entire planet to a heaven to behold. If this sounds to good to be true to you, then please come and join the next Earthkeepers gathering, and you too will realise that together with nature, we can take the world back from the hands of abuse, ignorance and destruction.


You not knowing your own potential as a human being born with it, are the missing link in the whole play of life that we help actualise together.
You are someone that can transform the world just by joining a group of people that helps you to get the best out of you.
A tribe that helps to give each and everyone the nurturing, support and resources we need to bring out our gift to the world. To give back what we have been given. Our innate gifts as caretakers of this planet.


And in this experience we will also explore all the forces that work against us. While they too are here for us to bring out the best in each and everyone. While without those, we can not break out of the duality game.


Are you ready to explore with us how we can actualise our human potential together?
Guided by Maurice Spees who was called to bring people closer to nature within which they help actualise their true nature as caretakers of the planet.


In Ibiza we have access to all the ingredients we need to help actualise our full human potential, outdoor pristine and unspoiled primal nature, our tribe and access to place in which we can create sacred spaces indoors and outdoors. So now lets use this field of plenty in a the way it was intended by nature and come together to create a field in which each and everyone can thrive and help others thrive.




I am ready!!


Are you?


Every week we come to-gather in an Earthkeepers gathering in Ibiza. This can be indoors or outdoors at selected places. The next gathering is on Thursday the 23th of November @ Especio Colibri, Ibiza. 
You are more then welcome!


The contribution is €12 for each gathering. Access only by pre-booking. For an annual subscription to the Earthkeepers platform you can enjoy all gatherings 4x per month and a lot more  for just €15 a month.
For an annual subscription of €10 a month you get 50% discount on all gatherings.


With love,