Welcome to the Symphony of Nature

Experience for yourself what

visual medicine

can do to enhance your life

Purify yourself and raise your vibration



– Revealing the Golden Frequency – 

*** For this medicine to do it’s work, please use good headphones***

and watch full-screen. 

This visual medicine is created by Visual Alchemist Maurice Spees (founder of Earthkeepers)
This medicine allows the mind to be refocused on the present moment. It helps you

clear your mind, raise your vibration and re-align to your true nature.

it’s a visual meditation for after and during a long day of work.

Intake: Daily dose 1 or 2x
Sound: please listen with good headphones!

Taking in this Visual Medicine opens up your being to the Sacred Symphony of Nature.
It helps flush the mind from cluttering and impurities.


For more information about these Visual Medicine, please get in touch with 

Visual Alchemist: Maurice Spees